How to Make Money with Your Directory Website

Business directory websites can be extremely profitable and provide a steady source of recurring revenue. From built-in revenue generating tools to offering complimentary services, the opportunities are endless with Ideal Directories software. Here are a few ideas on how to start making money with your directory website.
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1. Sell Listings to Local Businesses
This is by far the most popular way to monetize your directory website and will likely account for the majority of your revenue. You can set multiple pricing plans based on the features each plan offers. When a local business signs up, they pick a plan, create their listing, and the money automatically gets deposited into your account. This is the easiest way to create passive, recurring income.

Example Revenue Potential

20 listings x 20 categories x $50/mo = $20,000/mo.

Each of our directory themes are pre-populated with an average of 20 categories. So if you have just 20 paid listings in each of these categories, paying you an average of just $50/month, you would generate $20,000 every month. There is no limit to the number of categories you have or the number of listings in each category. And remember, you can set your own prices and charge whatever you'd like. You can also generate additional revenue from banner ads and Google AdSense.

*Example Revenue Potential is for illustration purposes only. Ideal Directories does not make any claims or guarantees as to how much money you will make.
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2. Sell Banner Advertising and Site Sponsorships
As you continue to gain traffic and visitors to your directory website, banner ads become more and more valuable. You can sell banner ads to anyone interested in appealing to the visitors on your website. This may be businesses already listed on your site or even larger companies looking to market to local consumers. Our built-in banner ad feature allows you to add banner ads to your site in minutes using the simple banner ad manager AdPeeps.
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3. Add Google AdSense to Your Website

Just how you can sell your own banner ads and sponsorships (see #2 above), you can also add Google AdSense to your directory website. Using Google AdSense is like running banner ads on your site that you don't have to sell, but you still earn revenue from them. With AdSense, Google uses their technology and advertiser base to place relevant ads on your website. By placing these targeted ads next to your content, you’ll automatically earn money when the ads are seen and clicked. It’s essentially a hands-off way to start generating additional revenue from your directory website. Once you launch your directory website, you can start with Google AdSense by creating a free AdWords Publisher account.
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4. Launch Multiple Directory Websites

Running multiple directory websites is a great way to maximize your revenue potential. You can use our different Themes to launch 2, 3, or more directory websites, each focusing on a different niche or market. It's a great way to generate multiple revenue streams with minimal investment or overhead.
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5. Offer Complimentary Products & Services

Running your own directory website is the perfect opportunity to cross-sell complimentary products and services. Print publishers will often sell premium listings to their advertisers to increase the value of their print advertising packages. Web designers will often start a directory website as a foot-in-the-door to sell their web design services to local businesses. SEO companies can run their own directory websites to boost search results for their clients. Other opportunities to sell complimentary products and services include selling items that every small business needs - like business cards, social media marketing, promotional products, business consulting, and even plaques and awards that highlight their premium listing on your directory website.