7 Reasons to Start a Local Business Directory & Coupon Website NOW!

Think it's a bad time to start a business? That might be true for some industries who have been negatively impacted by COVID-19, but many businesses are flourishing. Here are 7 reasons why right now is a great time to start a directory website for your community.

1. Internet Usage has Skyrocketed
With COVID-19 forcing millions of Americans to stay at home, internet usage has surged over the last couple months.

2. Local Advertising Options are Limited
In many markets, printed newspapers and direct mail has been suspended, leaving local online advertising like directory websites as the only option for businesses to continue to market themselves.

3. Business Hours are Constantly Changing
It's hard to keep up with which businesses are open or closed. Businesses are continually changing their store hours in response to COVID-19. A directory website helps customers stay informed about where and when they can shop.

4. Digital Coupon Redemption is Up
Tight on cash, consumers have been changing their shopping behaviors during the coronavirus pandemic, seeking more coupons and deals online from local retailers.

5. Supporting Local Businesses is Essential
Millions of people depend on local businesses for both jobs and shopping. Starting a website that promotes local businesses can help merchants make it through these challenging times. 

6. You're Stuck at Home Anyway
Many people put off their dreams of starting their own business due to lack of time. Why not take advantage of self-quarantine and focus on launching yours?

7. It's Easy and Affordable to Start
Launching your directory website is easy and affordable.  We can help you get your website up and running in as little as 24 hours and for about the price of a cable bill.