3 Inexpensive Ways to Market a Business Directory Website

Part of launching a successful business directory and coupon website is finding ways to market and promote your site to potential advertisers and visitors. While marketing in general can be time-consuming and expensive, you don’t need to spend a lot to get your site off the ground and on the path towards success. If you’re just starting out and tight on cash, consider these 3 inexpensive ways to market your directory on a shoestring budget.

Utilize Social Media
Social media is a great way to market your directory website for free. Start by creating a Facebook Business Page branded for your directory. Encourage family and friends to “Like” and “Follow” your page to learn about the best local businesses and coupons in your area. Connect with local business owners on Facebook and invite them to create a listing on your directory. Every time you add a new business, coupon or event to your directory, be sure to share it with the community on Facebook.
Join a Chamber of Commerce
Local Chambers of Commerce are a great way to network with local business owners so you can sell advertising on your directory. Most Chambers of Commerce meet at least once per month and provide members an opportunity to interact, describe what they do and build relationships with one another. Chambers of Commerce also host local community events that your directory website can sponsor to help spread the word to local residents. Some Chambers even offer significant discounts on local advertising as one of their member benefits. Joining a Chamber of Commerce is relatively inexpensive and can cost less than $100 per year.
Send Out a Press Release
Writing a press release is a great way to announce the launch of your new directory website. We offer a free Press Release Template when you join Ideal Directories that you can use and customize for your own website. It’s professionally written and is the perfect way to share the features and benefits that your directory website offers to the community. You can submit your press release to all major news outlets for free and many will publish them in print and online. 

There are literally hundreds of additional ways to market a business directory website. Some are free and others may cost something, but that doesn't mean you need a ton of cash to be successful. With a little creativity and a small amount of effort you can promote your directory website, grow your business and sell the listings you need to run a profitable online business.
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