12 Creative Ways to Show Your Customers You Appreciate Them

Published on August 1, 2022

Customers are one of the most valuable assets to any business. For this reason, keeping them happy and showing them you appreciate their business is crucial. Although, so many companies focus on what they can do to attract new customers that they forget about the customers they already have. The truth is, it takes more time and money to attract new customers than it does to keep the ones you have satisfied, and if you’re not keeping your current customers happy, you won’t be able to attract new ones anyway.

Thanks to social media, word-of-mouth, and the internet in general, businesses have access to more information about their customers than ever before. Nowadays, if you’re not showing your customers that you appreciate them and that you care about their experience with your company, they might just tell everyone about it on social media or rate your business poorly on Google and Yelp.

Building a relationship with your customers is especially important when you're just starting out, and can be one of your best tools for growth. The more they like and trust you, the more likely they are to recommend you to their friends and followers. That’s why it’s important to show them that you appreciate them — not just so you’ll keep their business but also so they'll keep singing your praises in front of their network.

So give some thought to these 12 creative ways to show your customers you appreciate them and your business will reap the rewards of their loyalty in the future!

1. Write a Personal Thank You Letter

It might sound old-fashioned, but a personal handwritten thank you letter is a simple yet meaningful way to show your customers you appreciate them. A small gesture goes a long way and a handwritten note will always get more attention than an email message that your customer may not see or read.

 With a personal thank you letter, you show the human side of your brand, which is critical to connecting with and retaining customers. Write something that’s both meaningful and memorable and you will truly make them feel special.

2. Provide Amazing Customer Service

Research has shown, companies that provide great customer service significantly outperform those who don’t. Not only do they make customers happy, but they are also likely to increase customer loyalty and have a competitive advantage over other businesses in their industry. Providing top-notch customer service is a simple way to show customers that you value them and their business.

There are multiple ways to demonstrate great customer service. Create a positive experience at every point of contact with customers, always treat them with respect, respond promptly to questions, and ask for their feedback – which shows you care about their experiences and allows you to learn how you could improve your business. 

3. Feature Them on Social Media

Social media is an excellent way to thank your customers publicly and help get them more exposure. Use your company’s social media channels to give shoutouts to your customers. Not only is it free but it can be a win-win for both parties. As you spread the word about their business, you help promote them to other customers. In return, they may share your social media posts with their own network, which expands your reach even further.

Here are some ideas. You can spotlight their business, share a review they wrote about your business, post a picture of them using your product or service, and help promote an event they are hosting or a special deal they are offering. They’ll be thankful for recognizing them and it further demonstrates why doing business with you is a great decision. 

4. Offer Something for Free

Companies have been using freebies for years as a way to show customers that they appreciate them, so don’t be afraid to try it for yourself. Think of what you could offer your customers that would bring them closer to you and feel genuinely useful. It doesn’t even have to cost you anything (or very little) for you to do something nice for your customers — you just need a little creativity!

For example, if you own your own directory website, you can offer your advertisers a free banner ad for a limited time or feature them in an upcoming email blast. It could be anything you want as long as it is considered something of value or could help them in some way.

5. Go the "Extra Mile" 

When it comes to pleasing customers, it’s not just about the products or services you offer. It’s also about how you treat them as people — and if you want to go above and beyond, it pays to invest in them with your time. Some businesses even go so far as to offer special incentives for their best customers — but more often than not, just going the extra mile is enough of a reward.

Using the example of being the owner of a directory website, let’s say that you noticed one of your advertiser’s business listings is lacking content or visuals. You can take the initiative to help populate their listing by gathering information and images from their company website and social media pages. Then you can send your client a quick message letting them know you improved their listing and how doing so will benefit their business. 

6. Give referrals

As you grow your professional network, you can help connect your clients (small business owners) to one another by way of referrals. The next time a client needs help or has questions, offer to refer them to another client you work with. Not only will they appreciate that you helped solve their problem quickly and efficiently, but it's good for your relationship with both clients. As a result, they'll likely be loyal to your brand and you could also get more business from them.

Let's say one of your clients is in the market for a new website design and you refer someone (client, business contact, friend or family member) you know who owns a web design agency. Your contact who owns the web design agency will be so grateful for your referral, while the other client will be just as appreciative for your recommendation. All-in-all, everyone is happy and you made that possible. 

7. Host a Customer Appreciation Event

Whether you're celebrating a milestone, thanking your clients for their continued business, or simply treating customers for choosing you over your competitors, a customer appreciation event can be a great way to foster a stronger relationship with your clientele. And don't think appreciation events are only meant for larger businesses — small businesses can also host private get-togethers that show clients they're appreciated as much as any enterprise.

As far as the types of appreciation events you can host, consider what’s best for your business and clients. Maybe you could host a happy hour event with drinks and light bites where your clients could network with one another. This could garner positive word of mouth within the community and is also a great opportunity to mingle with your clients in a business casual environment.

8. Anticipate Their Needs

The best companies are the ones that take a proactive approach in providing what customers need. So before your customers even think about switching to your competitor, make sure you’re offering them everything they need and want. If it sounds like too much work, don’t worry — simply asking how you can improve your service is half the battle.

Anticipating their needs can show them you care about their experience and help you improve your business. Strategize how you plan to reach out and touch base with them. Two simple ways to conduct regular check-ins are by calling or using surveys/questionnaires in emails. This will allow you to get customer feedback on an ongoing basis which will allow you to stay one step ahead of problems before they happen and give you an opportunity to offer solutions before being asked. You could also schedule occasional phone calls with some of your more loyal customers just to talk shop. These conversations will give you great insight into customer behavior and why certain decisions are made when purchasing products/services, which in turn will help improve your overall customer service going forward.

9. Celebrate Their Success and Business Milestones

Whether your customer wins an award, celebrates an anniversary or meets a major milestone, make sure you recognize the occasion. Congratulate them and share the good news with your network. The better you are at recognizing their successes, the more business you’ll get in return. Also consider sending gifts such as a bottle of wine, gift basket or hand written card for the occasion. Just a small token to acknowledge their success and express your sincere happiness for their accomplishment. 

10. Offer Exclusive Promotions and Discounts

One of the best ways to show customers you care is to treat them to exclusive deals and promotions. Offer your current customers a coupon or extra savings on a product, upgraded service or package plan as a way to let them know they’re appreciated. New customers will get on board too if they hear about how much you care about your current ones, and see how generous you are toward them.

These promotions can occur year-round and during special times of the year such as during  holidays, the change of seasons or anniversaries. Not only will they appear relevant, it also gives you the opportunity to promote them as a limited time offer, in hopes it will encourage customers to act quickly. 

11. Support Their Cause or Special Event

Whether your client is hosting a special event or contributing to a cause, your support in their marketing or fundraising efforts can go a long way. It could be as small as offering to help promote an event, or it could be a major contribution towards their fundraising efforts. Either way, it’s another way to show you care and that you aren’t just in it for a one-way relationship with them. If done right, a sponsorship can also help give you additional exposure, drive engagement and lead to even more happy customers - and maybe even some new ones!

12. Create a Thank You Video

Creating a thank you video is yet another way to demonstrate appreciation for your customers.  Mention them by name and include a short note thanking them for their business and continued support. For example, after someone writes a good review on your website or becomes a new customer, consider making a thank you video. If nothing else, it’s an excellent tool for connecting with customers on a more personal level - something that isn’t easy for all businesses, but can certainly help build trust between you and potential or current clients. 

Use these Tips to Nurture Relationships with Your Own Customers to Show You Care

As with any good relationship, showing your appreciation for customers keeps them engaged in your business and loyal to your brand. If you make an effort to ensure their experience is exceptional, it will pay off down the road when those customers recommend your business to others. You can utilize these 12 creative ways, and come up with some of your own, to show your customers that you truly appreciate them! Ready to get started with your own business? Watch our demo to learn how you can make money running a directory website and support the businesses in your community with Ideal Directories.
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